2007 Orange County Choppers (OCC) Custom Rigid

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2007 Orange County Chopper Web Bike Prototype that was built on "American Chopper" the series on Discovery Channel. This is THE REAL DEAL actual bike that was built on the show; this is NOT a production bike!
The bike was hand fabricated and built by the cast of the show Paul Jr, Paul Sr, Mikey, Vincent DiMartino, Jason Pohl, Rick Petko, and Mike Amorati. I am the 3rd owner of this awesome bike, Here is the story behind the bike.
The bike was given away in "Rolling with the Teutuls" sweepstakes. The premise of the sweepstakes was that Paul Sr would have a bike build off against Paul Jr. to see who could build the better bike. The show aired on forth
season of "american Chopper" on episodes five and six Sr. vs Jr. Junior built the "WEB BIKE" and Senior built the "GREENIE". At the conclusion of the build off the two bikes would be judged by the fans and the winner would become the third OCC production bike. After the build off the bikes were shipped to Fort Lauderdale where five randomly chosen contestants would have the opportunity to win the bike build on the show. After the winning bike was declared "The Web Bike" they brought the five lucky fans to the stage to pick one of five keys; only one would start the bike and declare the new owner of the Chopper.The winner was the forth person to attempt to start the bike guaranteeing him ownership of the Web Bike Prototype. The winner was not allowed to take possesion of the bike immediately as the show had not aired and they did not want him driving the bike around before show aired. The bike was shipped back to New York where it was brought along with Paul Sr. & Paul Jr. onto the David Letterman Show as well as Regis Philbin Show. Once all of the formalities were over the bike was delivered to the winner. As the weather was still cool in New York the winner decided to loan out the bike to the M+Northeast Classic Car Museum where it remained until warmer months. (during the time they had the bike on property The Northeast Classic Car Museum recorded record high attendance. Over the next several years the bike was enjoyed and about 2800 miles where ridden on chopper. This attests to the road worthiness of the chopper as it was produced not only of its looks but it was also produced to be a reliable motorcycle.

The bike also has an autographed seat with many of "American Chopper" cast members signatures. The signatures include Paul Sr. Paul Jr. and Mikey Teutul, as well as several other members. (Pictures of signing included)
The original cost of the chopper is $75000, I have copy of original bill of sale signed by Paul Teutul Sr.

Onto the Bike!
The bike differs substantially from the production bike as only the finest parts were used or hand fabricated for the Prototype bike however in an effort to keep costs down on the production bike they cut back on many parts. For example the engine in the Prototype is a 117" S&S however they decided to go to a 100"S&S in production bike. The examples continue from the hand welded tank by Rick Petko to another obvious distinction hand fabricated rear view mirrors in comparison to cheaper mass produced mirrors used on production bike.

The bike is a dream to ride; very comfortable and easy on the back due to the 5th element suspension. It sounds as as good as it looks due to Vance and Hines Big Radius Exhaust. The big draws a crowd every were I go!! I cannot stop without people stopping to admire the Chopper. The bike has been shown at North East Motorcycle Expo and Seaport World Trade Center in Boston and came in Second Place in Custom Builds.

I did have all tins repainted 2 years ago by OCC to restore showroom condition. Bike has been professionally detailed.

This is truly a collector bike that will only increase in value over time. I have plenty of documentation proving that this is the original Prototype Web Bike built on the show.

Any questions just shoot me a email.

Note: The original Speedometer dies at 2800 miles, it was replaced with the same Drag Specialties Mini Speedometer the came with the bike. Currently
there are about 400 miles on the chopper for a total of 3200 miles.

Build Specs:
Rolling Thunder Frame
S&S 117" S&S Engine&shorty carb
Baker 6 speed transmission
Official OCC Parts: Handle bars, 21"x 120 mm Front Web Rim, 18"x300 MM
Rear Web Rim, shift linkage, Hand fabricated leather seat, Custom OCC air cleaner, Frt and Rear Web disc brakes, Fenders and Tank.
Accutronics Chome brake calipers, Forward Controls, Coil Cover, Triple Tree, Rubber Grios/Chrome.
Arlen Ness Head Light
Vance&Hines Big Radius Exhaust
5th Element rear shock Seat
Mean Streak frt shocks.Primo Drive Belt

Own a piece of history today.
This is the real deal!

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