2008 Special Construction Custom

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Location: Friendswood, TX


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Exile-Black, On More Black!
Friendswood, TX
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This bike started life as a 2008 HD Night Train, no major damage. That is why it has a Harley VIN #, and can be insured as such! It was bought by EXILE Cycles after close examination, and sold to me, then given to the Mohawked Master himself, Russell Mitchell.
So, we had a motor and trany from Harley, and the rest from the EXILE parts catalog! I liked the wide front tire & even wider rear tire industrial look of other EXILE bikes so we went with a 200 Avon at front and a 280 Avon rear, laced to custom THICK spoke rims. I am a big dude and needed some road comfort, so we went with a soft-tail frame with Ape hangers to steer. There is all kinda magic in those triple trees and bars; no levers, no master cylinders, no throttle, lines, wires, switches, nothing! Rear brake is also the rear drive sprocket! Brakes are 60% front - 40% rear valve controlled by right foot pedal. Clutch is left foot pedal and is centrifugal! Which means it does NOT engage until the right RPM's are reached. Shifting is done by left hand. Turn switches, headlight Hi/Low beam, horn, starter - are all micro switches under left grip. I will teach new owner how to turn on/off and calibrate computer when bought! It is all from NASA/ aerospace tech tho! Custom exhaust - sounds fantastic! Never wrecked after becoming an EXILE, no dings, no scrapes, garage kept, everything works great!
I just don't ride it much any more, to many other toys, and life has gotten busy! This bike has been in several magazines, is in the EXILE catalog - named "Tough Train." Looking for cash for my NEW project truck, but willing to look at clean Road Glides and Hot Rods!
Please let me know if you have any other questions? I am trying to get a guy to do a video of it for the sound and better views of it as well!

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