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Quick and easy Liked it

David Jones

This was a great way to connect with Harley devotees and get the bike sold.

Ron Hees

Chris was very helpful and did a great job of explaining all of the steps that I needed to take to list my bike and how the process worked.

Steven Bacovsky

I had numerous inquires and half dozen offers around the country. It wasn't until the bike was "featured" on the website that things really got going and it quickly sold!

Paul Mitchell

The website is great, very easy to use.

melissa Sieb-Miller

I sold a bike previously and my experience was a good one.

Cheryl Locklear

Nice people. Good ad.lots of inquiries

C W Turner

Sold in 1 day! Thank You Thank You!

Todd Schelbrock

Great site to get the word out there directed to the ones who are truly interested. Between you and other places we listed, your site helped with the ease of putting the word out there!

David Cropper

Great experience!

DW Pesch

Awesome people work here. They called me to tell me that an interested buyer couldn't get ahold of me. Excellent service!

Jeff Savage

The best place in the country to sell your bike, or buy your next one

Gary Robinson

Very good.

Robert Scheu

Wow, I listed at night and it sold the next day by noon. Less than 18 hours form listing to sold. Thanks folks

eli rapaich

You guys were really helpful and friendly! Super quick with any questions I had and very personalized. I appreciate your help!

Rene'e Westman

Wonderful experience. Took longer than expected, but ultimately got it sold. Very grateful!

John Stokes

Really Impressed with the personal attention I received from your company and the great service you provide. I will definitely use your website again in the future. Thank you Chopper Exchange

John Willis

Very helpful when we had problems with pictures. Would absolutely use them again!

James Hoffman Hoffman

Great experience as usual, but currently in my opinion the used motorcycle market is flooded and it makes selling privately vs. trading in competitive on the actual price you receive.

Jerry Wong

2nd bike I've sold on Chopper Exchange. Easy, efficient and economic. Thanks! Highly recommend!!!

Robert Einhorn

Really glad I found Chopper Exchange. After 9 months of trying to sell my Harley on other sites, I had a buyer in 11 days. The craziest thing ...Larry gave me asking price, rare in today's world. Thank you Chopper Exchange!! Karl

Karl Schello

Chris was extremely helpful.

Jeff Nicklus

Very happy ! Buyer came from Chopper Exchange

Robert Kerlin

Very helpful and correct about the methods of how you may be scammed. Thanks ??

Casey Wilkes

Sell your Harley Davidson® or other American motorcycle now!