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I bought a custom bike from Wisconsin. I live in Texas. Drive to pick it up and it was better than the pics!!! Have had it one year and still love it!
Deana A.
Recently bought a Roag King on ChopperExchange. It was very easy. The seller was great to work with. I really appreciated the ability to shop around until I found the bike I wanted. If I am in the market again I will use CE for sure!
M. Cowell
I bought a 92 Harley Ultra from National Power Sports in New Hampshire. I got a good deal on it, still have it and has 100,000 miles on it. It runs great! I go on your website all the time looking for another one!! I recommend ChopperExchange to all my friends!!!
I like the fact that I can check what the real value is of the bike I bought and you have nice clear pics and I limit the miles from my home where the bike I was looking for is.
Greg S.
Me and my wife bought her first trike, a little Harley Sporty. She rode it two years then wanted a bigger one. Looked on ChopperExchange and found a used 2012 Tri Glide 1500 miles on it at a good price within 50 miles of our home. I will recommend your site to any one that is looking for a bike! And I already have! Thank you.
It was easy. I called the seller, we haggled, we agreed on a price, he brought the bike to me. I gave him a cashiers check. Bing bang boom.
Jeremy S.