ChopperExchange Reviews & Testimonials

We've received an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 over the past 1,215 testimonials. Here's what some of our customers had to say about their success selling Harley Davidson® or other American V-twin motorcycles on ChopperExchange.

Lot of exposure. They helped in the sale of bike. Highly recommend ChopperExchange. Thank you. - 9/20/2017
Customers service is great. Called a couple times and got everything handled and communication was top notch! Thanks again Jessica for all of your help! - 9/20/2017
No problems whatsoever. I'll definitely recommend ChopperExchange to friends. - 8/17/2017
I had nothing but good things to say about Chopper Exchange. From beginning to end everything was easy and smooth. - 8/7/2017
Very helpful when I contacted Cassie, walked me through everything. Would definitely recommend ChopperExchange to anyone wanting to sell their bike. Sold in two days. Super happy!!!!! - 7/21/2017
Will definitely use chopper exchange again. Couldn't of sold my bike without you. - 6/14/2017
Great! Got me a bigger market. Email handling was great, no problem or skammers! Thanks! - 6/12/2017
Offering an Escrow option may take a little stress out of the process for the sellers. But not 100% necessary. Great site/service. Thanks so much for being there! - 4/11/2017
It was quick and easy to sign up, no issues at all using chopper exchange - 4/11/2017
A good, inexpensive way to sell a motorcycle. - 4/11/2017
i was very happy with the advertising and the responds I got. - 4/11/2017
Very helpful. It was an easy sell. Thank you! - 4/11/2017
You all do a terrific service. My price for timing was way off. Had I known H-D was going to make so many engine changes in a year, I would have dropped the price sooner. I will deffinatly recommed friends to use your service - 4/11/2017
IT was smooth and easy. Great Site - 4/11/2017
Great service for a great price. You do it right. You allow dealers and private sellers to list bikes to a great range of interested buyers without costing an arm and a leg. Best way to sell a bike period. I will definitely refer your site to all of my friends. - 3/3/2017
Site was easy to use and several parties showed interest in the bike... I would recommend to friends for sure. - 2/23/2017
Sold within one week of the add going live. - 2/8/2017
The best site on the web for selling used Harleys. - 1/27/2017
Excellent experience thanks so much sold in less than a week. - 1/27/2017
Great exposure for my bike and very good tool. Will let others know about my positive experience... - 1/12/2017
3rd motorcycle I sold on CE ... Was listed for a couple months then the offers seem to start flooding in... Thanks to CE - 11/11/2016
Great experience. I felt like I could trust the site. - 10/13/2016
Great service to the motorcycle community... Quality contacts received, and happy that my Dyna went to one of them! Would definitely use Chopper Exchange again. Will recommend to others... Thanks! - 10/4/2016
I was very pleasantly surprised, especially since my horrible experience with trying Craig's List. Thank you for a smooth and easy transaction! - 10/4/2016
Lots of hits. Very good exposure. - 9/22/2016

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