Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I list my bike on

    Online: Bikes can be listed directly from our Home page.

    Mail: Sellers can also submit their bike listings by mail. A standard mail form is available on our website, if needed. Mail listings are processed within 24 hours of arrival to our office. Our mailing address is found at the bottom of every page on our website.

    Telephone: Bike listings can also be placed by calling (800) 523-7274.

  2. How do I add photos to my listing?

    Unlimited number of bike photos can be uploaded directly from our website. Sellers can also submit no more than ten (10) bike photos via e-mail or U.S. mail.

  3. Can I upload my bike photos later?

    Yes. Sellers can log into their personal account anytime after they list their bike to upload photos, or they can submit their bike photos via e-mail or U.S. mail.

  4. How do I upload a video of my bike?

    Videos can be uploaded directly from the seller's online account or submitted via e-mail.

  5. How do I edit my bike listing?

    Sellers can edit their ads at their convenience by logging into their personal accounts. Submitted changes take effect immediately. Changes can also be made via e-mail or telephone.

  6. What if my motorcycle's make/model is missing while I am listing my bike?

    Missing bike makes/models can be added by an e-mail or telephone request. Sellers must submit the year, make, and model of their bike in order to have it added to the list of existing bike makes/models.

  7. How do I find out how many people have looked at my bike listing?

    Each bike listing has a counter at the bottom, which tells the seller how many people have viewed the listing. This information can also be obtained by logging into the seller account on our website.

  8. How do I remove my bike after it is sold?

    Sold bikes can be removed from our website by marking them SOLD from the seller's personal account. Sellers can also submit e-mail or telephone requests to mark their bikes SOLD.

  9. How will interested buyers find my bike listing?

    People from all across the United States, Canada, and beyond have access to ChopperExchange. Anyone with the Internet connection can visit our website to search for and view the available bikes.

  10. How will interested buyers contact me?

    Sellers can be contacted via e-mail or telephone. Interested buyers have the option to submit messages via our website or call. All messages are reviewed by ChopperExchange staff to filter out spam/scams and are sometimes delayed as a result of this process. Sellers receive e-mail alerts whenever they receive new messages via our website.

  11. Does ChopperExchange take commission after I sell my bike?

    No. We only charge a one-time fee to list your bike. There are no other fees.

  12. Does ChopperExchange publish bike listings in a print publication?

    No. We do not publish any ads in print. We are an online classifieds website without any print publications. This allows us to make all bike listings available to audiences worldwide.

    For additional information, please contact ChopperExchange at (800) 523-7274 or