2006 Special Construction Chopper

Location: Orlando, FL
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Green Metalic
Orlando, FL
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Custom-Built Chopper from Pete-Gs Custom Chopper Design Longwood FL.

Utilizes a 124 CI S&S Super-Sidewinder Long-Block Motor
Pitbull Single Down-Tube Frame
Carls Speed-Shop TYPHOON Drag-Racing Style Carb.

BAKER 6-Speed Transmission, Open-Primary

PAINT: Norbert Dano's Custom Creations
New Super Anti-Gravity Battery

LED Accent-Light System plus all LED lights on Brakes
Ostrich Seat, Gel-Filled

This Bike has been never in Rain, adult-owned and super-strong. Stable and highly drive-able at highway speeds, and is approximately 10 feet long.

It is suggested that a Buyer be at least 5'10"as it was custom-made for an owner that is 6 ft tall

Custom Made Handlebars, Mono-shock soft-ride suspension, Ghost Wiring, NO Tach, Speedo, or other guages....it is truly a custom-chopper in all appearances.

Passenger Pegs, with matching fender-pad seat in Ostrich
Bike is fully Insurable with a Vin # (Progressive Ins)

PAINT: unique graphics on side-view, and 9-11 Memorial Graphics on Tank and Fender. Bike Name: CHAOS 4U, and depicts international symbol for Chaos, on the Art.

Stats-up on first turn of the motor, and is super-reliable.
This is not a trailer-queen !

Cost to Build: $47,000 plus $5000 Paint: $52K

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