2008 Special Construction Chopper

Location: Seattle, WA


House Of Kolor Cobalt Blue Metallic
Seattle, WA
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Special Custom Chopper

Over $40,000 invested.

This was a three year build. State Patrol inspection 7/3/2006 Titled 8/6/2008 Completion Aug 2009

Visuals and theme:
I developed this bike with a vision inspired by Nordic Mythology. Viking and Elven (Lord of the Rings) designs were also an inspiration in developing the overall theme for the bike. These design elements are found throughout the bike. For example the the tank with its forward pointing horns surrounding the handlebar raisers, and the down pointing horns flanking the disc brake lock under the backbone. The rear seat and strut/ sissybar construction with its fluid lines continue the lines of the tank and fenders. The wheel design continues the fluid lines perfectly, to the custom made front fork brace, (which keeps the long front end stable) is a perfect stout and beautiful match to the overall theme. Under the rear seat are two small intricately designed aluminum fixtures used to mount the rear fender to the struts. The sculpturesque polished aluminum custom speedometer housing is yet another beautiful completely integrated custom part that supports the theme. The downs swept exhaust pipes are a perfect complementation of the lines.

Two Up
Unlike most customs, the bike is built for 2, with the aim of integrating the rear seat and back rests as a natural part of the design. For the best possible back support the front back rest is adjustable back and forth.

The Geometry
The steering geometry and frame stance was worked out, settling on 2" out, 6" up and 40 degrees rake in the neck, plus 5 degrees in the trees, for a combined rake of 45 degrees with a 14" over front end, resulting in a 3.2" trail. This makes the bike steering characteristics ideal for the 114" long, 700 lbs bike.

The bike is finished with a beautiful deep House of Kolor Cobalt blue with small metal flake and clear coat.
Custom artwork in the paint was not chosen in order to avoid taking away from the strong presence of the bike design itself.

The ride
The bike is fun to ride!
It sounds great, has great torque and hose power, and loves the open road.
The back rest take the strain off your back, and allows you to relax when you ride.


• Frame: WarEagle - w/SoftTail style suspension
• Engine: Midwest Ultima 120 Show polish
• Primary: Rivera Prima
• Transmission: TrikShift 6 speed
• Wheels: Arlen Ness Phycho
• Pully: Arlen Ness Phycho
• Front Fork: Perse
• Controls: JBrake
• Instrumentation: Wire Plus Digital
• Brakes: JBrake 6 caliper
• Forward Controls: Accutronix
• Mirrors: Arlen Ness
• Security: LowJack

Custom Fabrication:
• Build and Assembly
• Frame modifications and additions
• Strut and Sissy bar construction
• Fork Brace
• Fender sheet metal work
• Foldable License plate mount metal printed
• Driver/ Passenger Seats
• Free formed fender mount
• Swing Arm Custom stop
• Fuel Tank
• Handlebar Risers
• Electrical
• Chrome plating
• Paint

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