2013 Harley-Davidson® FLHTK Electra Glide® Ultra® Limited

Location: Appleton, WI


Appleton, WI
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2 owner 2013 Harley-Davidson FLHTK Electra Glide Ultra Limited. Nearly like new condition with 2 years left on the Harley Davidson Warranty!!!!!! I have all the paperwork from my purchase as well as service records. The bike has been stored in a garage its entire life, and the battery is maintained on a tender at all times. On road trips, the bike is stored under a custom Harley Electra Glide cover. I bought the bike from Southside Harley Davidson in Virginia Beach for an around the country ride I did back in 2016. The bike was perfect for that 11,500 mile trip, but now I don't ride it enough and it pains me that it's not being ridden the way it deserves to be. When I bought the bike it was bone-stock. I had Southside Harley put on an a complete Rinhart Racing exhaust system with a new tune, and it sounds and performs like a Harley should. I also added the tourpak quick disconnect kit so the tourpak can be removed in a matter of minutes for when you are riding by yourself, and want a sleeker looking bike. I also purchased a second seat since the stock seat looks odd once the tourpak is removed. The Harley Badlander seat is contoured to the rear fender and looks great without the tourpak. The rear tire is relatively new and has about 2000 miles on it. Tread on both tires is great. The bike has been serviced only by Harley Davidson dealerships since new, and is covered under the Harley Davidson Extended Service Plan I purchased from the dealership when I purchased the bike. The warranty is fully transferable and is good until 07/20/2021. I modified the four speaker sound system that the bike came with. I replaced the head unit with a Jenson Harley Davidson unit and added a powerful amplifier, all of which is custom fit under the front fairing of the bike for a perfectly stock and stealthy look. I also added two speakers to the lower front end of the bike for a total of six speakers all around. The head unit has Bluetooth for your phone and also has an auxiliary USB jack so you can charge your phone while you're riding. I added a phone mount to the handlebars so you can navigate easily by looking at the map, and you also get step by step directions through the Bluetooth or USB sound system. I have 3 different windshields for the bike from the sleek 4 inch smoked wind deflector to a 13-15 inch clear full windshield and another clear one that is just about in between those two heights. My asking price includes one of those windshields, and the others are for sale for an additional price as I can otherwise sell them online individually. The bike also has a security system with a very loud alarm. There are key fobs (2) which in close proximity to the bike, disarm the alarm automatically. As long as you have the key in your pocket, the alarm will disarm itself as you sit on the bike. I replaced the old incandescent headlamps and side lights with LED lamps from the Harley dealership. It is incredible what you can see with these things vs the old style lamps.

This bike has been incredible while I've owned it. It's stunningly beautiful to look at, and it rides like a dream. The ladies love riding on the back seat and are happy to sit there all day as the seat is extremely comfortable. Please come see the bike whenever you'd like. I am happy to offer test rides with full asking price in cash in hand and a motorcycle endorsement on your license. When you bring the bike back, we can swap money and bike back again, or if you drop it, you buy it sort of thing. Otherwise, I'm happy to ride it while you watch, or head to the local dealership and ride one of theirs if you've never ridden a large bike like this. You'll find that for its size, it's extremely well balanced and nimble. You can easily take your hands off the handlebars on the highway and the bike tracks straight down the middle of the road without any issues. I look forward to hearing from you.

I have a bunch of accessories for the bike which I'd be happy to sell separately:

2 custom fit luggage that fit into the tourpak as well as on the luggage rack on top of the tourpak. $50 each
2 custom luggage bags which are tailored to fit in the side saddles of the bike. $50 pair
1 full face mask SHOEI mat black helmet with two visors (clear and gold) - $200
1 half shell Harley Davidson helmet with pull down visor - $100
1 front disc brake lock - $25
2 additional windshields - $100 each
1 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Cover - $100

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