2016 Harley-Davidson® FLHXSE CVO™ Street Glide®

Location: Milton, WI


Black Carbon Crystal with Phantom Flames
Milton, WI
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2016 Street Glide CVO + Extras & Bonuses

Your summer fun doesn't have to be over just yet. I'm selling my 2016 Harley Davidson Street Glide CVO (FLHXSE - Color Carbon Crystal with Phantom Flames) along with all my other related equipment.

If you don't already know, CVOs come tricked out with chrome, sexy wheels, and speed out of the box, but here are a few things I added cause I thought they were cool:
- Jackpot 2/1/2 Stainless Steel Head Pipe (FM-03-FLH.v2)
- Jackpot 4" Dynotuned Slash Up Chrome Slip-On Mufflers (550-0697)
- Dynojet - Power Vision Tune License (PV-TUNE)
- Custom Dynamics Selectable Brake Light Strobe Kit
- **Extended Warranty / Unlimited Miles / Expires 6/20/2021**

I have the original head pipe, mufflers and tune map which are included at no additional charge. See I'm a nice guy!

But wait there's more! If you act now I'll include these additional treasures:
- Pneumatic Motorcycle Lift
- Motorcycle Dolly
- Indoor Bike Cover
- 1600 PSI Blue Clean Pressure Washer
- CR Spotless Deionization Water System (Totally badass. No water spots on this black beauty)

You might be wondering why I'm selling the only thing that makes me happy. Although If you don't give a sh*t please feel free to stop reading, but you might miss out on an added bonus.

I'm starting my own grill company called PHAT Grill (TM) "Pretty Hot and Tasty, Premium Outdoor Grill Products" and I'm bootstrapping this beyotch. We are in the R&D phase and hope to have products for sale in the spring of 2019.

Here's that added bonus! The person that buys my bike will get choose between either a free "GrillZilla (TM)" gas grill or a "PHAT Woody Smoker (TM)" assuming, of course, we actually make it to market. But who knows, this could be a famous brand one day and you can tell all your friends that you helped the dude get PHAT Grill off the ground by buying his pride and joy.

Thanks for checking out my ad!

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