Here's what our customers had to say about their success.

Good experience. Got me in touch with people looking for the bike I had. Wes Black - 7/6/2015
I had numerous calls as a result of my ad with Chopper Exchange. I feel my upgrade to my ad was beneficial. I did get some "scam" inquiries which Chopper Exchange informed me about. Joseph Webber - 7/6/2015
Best place that I placed my add without all the scammers. Thomas Hall - 6/29/2015
Lots of activity generated. We sold to a couple from South Carolina. They picked it up today. Thanks DENNIS DUROCHER - 6/22/2015
Chopper Exchange worked great. I was able to download photos easily. Also when I had a problem, the response was fast and help was great! So glad it was recommended to me! Janet Kline - 6/12/2015
Quite a few responses. I would recommend to a friend as a great selling tool. Worked for me ! Lonnie Piquiet - 6/8/2015
Second bike sold through this site. EXCELLENT !!! DONALD SHAKE - 6/4/2015
I bought my bike on chopper exchange from Az and sold it on chopper exchange in Fl. Jim Pokrandt - 6/1/2015
Best way ever to sell your bike! Mike Cox - 6/1/2015
User friendly. Bike got lots of views and all who contacted me were truly interested, not just tire kickers. Ed Grobelny - 5/27/2015