Here's what our customers had to say about their success.

It was simply fine... Best way to go Daniel Thornton - 5/27/2016
Easy to use and got me results quickly - would definitely use it again. Jasen Veenstra - 5/27/2016
Easy to set up, and got the job done. Someone I would not have been able to reach out to from 35 miles away bought the bike. Thank you for your help. Tim Sterns - 5/27/2016
Everything worked like a champ. Thanks. Tim Bublitz - 5/27/2016
Easy to use, I like the tracking and statistics on the views. Easy to edit the add. Worked out very well for me. Kevin Austin - 5/25/2016
Surprised at how quickly it sold. Lois Hunt - 5/24/2016
It was completely awesome! I sold my bike to first buyer to call after viewing my ad 20 minutes after it went live. Tyrone Williams - 5/20/2016
easy, sold it in under a week Glenn Maul - 5/20/2016
Very good experience. bike sold this week David mccomas - 5/20/2016
Good service, third bike I have sold on Chopper Exchange. Joel Robinson - 5/13/2016