Here's what our customers had to say about their success.

Will definitely use chopper exchange again. Couldn't of sold my bike without you. James Kolvek - 6/14/2017
Great! Got me a bigger market. Email handling was great, no problem or skammers! Thanks! John Lentsch - 6/12/2017
Offering an Escrow option may take a little stress out of the process for the sellers. But not 100% necessary. Great site/service. Thanks so much for being there! joey rossetti - 4/11/2017
It was quick and easy to sign up, no issues at all using chopper exchange Scott Estep - 4/11/2017
A good, inexpensive way to sell a motorcycle. Mike Evans - 4/11/2017
i was very happy with the advertising and the responds I got. Therese Lombardo - 4/11/2017
Very helpful. It was an easy sell. Thank you! John Blair - 4/11/2017
You all do a terrific service. My price for timing was way off. Had I known H-D was going to make so many engine changes in a year, I would have dropped the price sooner. I will deffinatly recommed friends to use your service WENDY HARRISON - 4/11/2017
IT was smooth and easy. Great Site David Wagner - 4/11/2017
Great service for a great price. You do it right. You allow dealers and private sellers to list bikes to a great range of interested buyers without costing an arm and a leg. Best way to sell a bike period. I will definitely refer your site to all of my friends. Aaron Washburn - 3/3/2017