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Here's what our customers had to say about their success.

Very pleased with help from office. Couldn't have been more helpful & pleasant. Would use again!
Larry Carmer Sr
- 9/15/2014
I was impressed how quickly I had several interested in the bike
Robert Preddy
- 9/8/2014
All inquiries represented valid and reputable opportunities to sell the bike. I would definitely use Choppers Exchange again, and I fully recommend it to anyone seeking qualified potential buyers.
D Dean Williams
- 9/8/2014
It was great to have, knowing that people interested in a certain motorcycle can go to your site and find a certain bike and start the ball rolling. If I have any more bikes to sell this is the site I will most definitely use. Thanks so much
Michael Sagal
- 8/14/2014
Awesome - had bike listed several other places for couple of months. Put on CE and sold in a week for full asking price.
Sean Sager
- 7/29/2014
Easy. Quality. Would highly recommend. Bike sold fast! Worth the price. Craigslist and cycle trader yielded zero offers. If you are not selling junk, go with chopper exchange!
Ryan Bertrand
- 7/25/2014
Fast easy quality. A good experience overall. If I ever need to sell another bike outright, I'll use chopper exchange without hesitation.
Tobias Blech
- 7/3/2014
Second Harley I have sold and both within two weeks of listing them. Write a good description and post a lot of photos. List at a reasonable price. You are never going to recoup all of your add-ons.
Bill Kulas
- 6/24/2014
Worked better than cycle trader and craigslist, I got a lot more calls and interest from this website. Thanks!!
- 6/16/2014
Very easy and user friendly to list my motorcycle. Easy to upload picture and maintain my listing. Thank You my bike sold in one week. Jim Kukla
James Kukla
- 6/11/2014
Very easy to list a bike. I know when I list with ChopperExchange that I'm reaching the right potential buyers. I will definitely use ChopperExchange next time.
Rick Debrick
- 5/19/2014
Great experience. Buyer contacted me through ChopperExchange, we set up a meeting and did the transaction through my local Harley Dealership. Sold in two weeks! :)
Robert Jones
- 5/14/2014
Bike sold in 6 hours,asked 28,900 had a damaged saddle bag which cost 1200 so we agreed upon 27,200. Purchaser paid off loan and sent me check for difference. Sending shipper to take bike from NY to FL same week.
Stephen Marro
- 5/9/2014
Fortunately my bike sold very quickly. I have recommended you all to friends selling bikes. It was an easy process. Thank you again!!
Jeanne Spath
- 5/9/2014
ChopperExchange put my bike out there and got it looked at. Thanks, and will use again for selling and buying.
Michael McCardle
- 5/9/2014
I was very pleased with the exposure I got from ChopperExchange. My bike sold within two weeks, and I got what I needed for the bike. Very helpful.
Walter Brallier
- 5/5/2014
ChopperExchange was great and the bike sold in 3 weeks. Not bad at all. Great Experience.
Benjamin Larick
- 5/5/2014
Very good. Lots of exposure. Bike sold in less than two weeks!
Bill Kleckner
- 5/5/2014
Most excellent. Sold the bike in less than a week after posting to ChopperExchange. Highly recommend this site to those wishing to sell their bikes.
Mike Black
- 4/10/2014
I ended up selling the bike to a person in Germany I would not have had the opportunity if not for ChopperExchange.
Thomas Serafin
- 4/7/2014