Here's what our customers had to say about their success.

Chopper exchange is the only way to sale a bike. I would highly recommend your services to all potential buyers and sellers. You didn't take my money and run. You did what you said you would do. It was a positive experience. Thank You Skip Lyle Skip Lyle - 11/13/2015
Lots of views that I wouldn't of otherwise had! Thanks chopper exchange! Ryan Cupp - 10/26/2015
Communication was great! Chopper Exchange kept me up to date on my listing. They were very helpful when setting up my ad. I would use them again if the need ever came up again. Thanks for your help! Larry Stettenbenz - 10/6/2015
super easy to use bike sold to buyer over 700 miles away DALE LOCKE - 9/29/2015
You helped me sell my chopper within a few months. Thanks you! Kerry Williams - 9/21/2015
Sold bike in less than a week with no hassling. Had several calls and sold bike from out of my area code. Dick Clark - 9/21/2015
Excellent. Great folks and I will use your site again and again Kenneth Cooley - 9/2/2015
Great site , did what it is suppose to , great exposure Andrew Pena - 8/25/2015
Fantastic, unbelievable response. I also advertised on cycle deals and got almost no response. You guys rock! Thanks. James Huckfeldt - 8/25/2015
I felt it was well worth the price I paid Don Lord - 8/11/2015