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Here's what our customers had to say about their success.

Most excellant. Sold the bike in less than a week after posting to ChopperExchange. Highly recommend this site to those wishing to sell their bikes.
Mike Black
- 4/10/2014
I ended up selling the bike to a person in Germany I would not have had the opportunity if not for ChopperExchange.
Thomas Serafin
- 4/7/2014
Great site. I had a lot of inquiries and was able to get the price I was asking!!
Renee Capalbo
- 3/31/2014
THANK YOU all for your inquiries, the bike was sold to the first person who made contact on it - this was a wonderful experience that I had with ChopperExchange.
Wayne Miller
- 3/12/2014
Great place to advertise your bike for sale, very friendly people to work with. Recommend everyone to use to sell their bikes! Very happy with my experience!!
Scott Grajczyk
- 3/3/2014
Helped sell my bike much easier. Would recommend anybody to use it.
Mike McShane
- 2/26/2014
Sold my bike to someone from Alabama. Wouldn't have happened without ChopperExchange. Thanks!
Josh Goodin
- 2/26/2014
Easy to use, large viewing area, and very helpful staff. Will always use your site for any bike/parts sales I have. Thank you very much.
Bill Troost
- 2/24/2014
I have always used Ebay but with the exposure I got here I will come here first to sell
Jeremy Roberts
- 2/14/2014
We love Chopper Exchange!
Ed Kastrul
- 1/10/2014
ChopperExchange was very friendly and professional when I spoke with customer service. My bike sold 2 months after listing and actually during the winter when you would think would be the low time of year for bikes. I would use this site again definitely!!
Brian Bushey
- 12/12/2013
I was very impressed I was contacted 4 times and sold it to the 3rd guy who contacted me. Everything went very smooth. Thanks.
Richard Hullinger
- 12/10/2013
The staff was very cordial and helpful when I had questions at the time I listed the bike. We got one call on the bike and that was all it took. Thanks. We can recommend you highly.
Dennis Van Buren
- 11/21/2013
Service and staff were great.
Lance Loyd
- 10/17/2013
Keep up the good work. My ad certainly gave me national exposure to potential buyers. The problem now is I'll be "hawking" your site to buy another one. Thanks
Stephen Paquin
- 10/11/2013
Efficient, reputable, and very user friendly.
Gregory Wolf
- 10/7/2013
ChopperExchange's website is possibly the most user friendly website I have ever visited. Thanks to them my bike sold within days of listing it!! Very easy to understand site...not a bunch of links sending you to other sites. Just straight forward direction as to what services they offer, the differences, the costs, etc. VERY VERY helpful, kind and knowledgeable staff!! Thanks SO MUCH, ChopperExchange!!
Cindy Campbell
- 10/2/2013
This has been the best experience ever. Great site and easy to use. Also, had a great buyer. Thanks, ChopperExchange!
Ken Krebsbach
- 9/30/2013
It worked again. The third bike I've sold on ChopperExchange. Thank You.
Michael Huber
- 9/9/2013
I enjoyed a very pleasant and easy experience using ChopperExchange. I will definitely use them again.
Dave Kloete
- 9/9/2013