Here's what our customers had to say about their success.

The buyer found my bike in just a couple weeks, thanks for the assist with the sale, well worth the money. David Grundtner - 4/26/2016
Great experience helped in selling my motorcycle Blake Serecin - 4/26/2016
Absolutely great. Can't believe the first call after about 10 hours on the website came immediately to purchase and take it home. Bruce Saxton - 4/26/2016
Motorcycle sold within 3 hours of listing it on ChopperExchange. Definitely a win-win. Steven Caney - 4/18/2016
Chopper exchange was the only site that I was getting creditable offers from! CL was a joke david Bowman - 4/18/2016
Good quality and serious inquiries. Well worth the price. William Meade - 4/18/2016
Bought this bike through Chopper Exchange and sold the bike. A great place to find and sell. David Jenkins - 4/6/2016
Excellent experience. Rory McCarthy - 4/6/2016
4 calls in 1 week. Sold to the highest bidder. Super fast. Kenneth Robertson - 3/30/2016
Great service and follow-up. Loved the effective posting options to make my bike stand out and sell. Very reasonably priced. Dan Vandehey - 3/28/2016