Here's what our customers had to say about their success.

Very easy to use, support staff very responsive and helpful. ROBERT COBOURN - 7/28/2015
Chopper Exchange did get it out there! Rod Diel - 7/28/2015
Great! Sold 2nd day it was listed...better than ebay Thomas Loftus - 7/23/2015
I greatly appreciate the run until it sells feature. I also regularly got calls, indicating good coverage for the add Keith Harrison - 7/17/2015
Thank you for this wonderful website!! Its works!! Donna Alger - 7/16/2015
Got plenty of calls right away. Excellent experience because I didn't overprice. THANK YOU Larry Lanthrip - 7/16/2015
It was a great experience, within 48 hours of listing over 100 people viewed it and It was sold. Thanks Chopper Exchange. Gabriel Gecan - 7/16/2015
Good pricing compared to other sites. Unlimited time is a huge plus. The potential buyers were all serious too. Derek Fults - 7/8/2015
Very good, had response the very first day, would totally recommend you to all my friends. Brian Megahan - 7/8/2015
Good experience. Got me in touch with people looking for the bike I had. Wes Black - 7/6/2015