2000 Independence Express

Location: Glendalae, AZ
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$19,500 Call
camellion flame paint
Glendalae, AZ
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As referenced above this is a 2000 indi pro street chopper with the qualifier that only the Rolling Thunder rigid frame is original to the bike and it has been removed the rough edges ground down and the entire frame sanded and fabricatied and 6 coats of camellion paint appled at around 4 thousand dollars. The motor is a 3rd generaation evolution 110 cubic inches Rev Tech. It also sport a 6 speed trany. All surfaces ie...gas tank, fenders, oil bag and head lamp (ww11 harley millitary head lamp which was fabricated and flame painted to fit this bike. I also replaced the front whell with a 23'' harley cruiser front tire and rim for stability. A 180 is on the rear everything else has been chromed except for the piston sleeves and the block. Just had compression release valves added to the head and sleeves so the bike is again in the break in period. A custom hand tooled oversized leather bobber seat with seat rail and bag was added Nov. 2016 to give this rigid custom a very smooth and comfortable ride. This isn't just a show bike but could be driven to Sturgis tommorow as well as bar hop for the attention. between 35 and 40 thousand invested with receipts. Also note this renovation started in 2009 and is on going ie....the oversized bobber seat was completed in Oct, 2016 and nothing on this rebuild has over 1500 miles on it, except the frame.

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