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It was a good experience. Better than EBAY. I recommend this site Catherine Rouse - 9/22/2016
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Excellent, Your company did an excellent job to help me sell my bike. Your company kept me informed me about all the scams that are out there! Great job, thank you!! Richard Szukalski - 9/7/2016
The sale went well with no problems. Dallas Collett - 9/7/2016
Good exposure and got a buyer quickly. JACK KATZMAN - 9/7/2016
Sold quickly. Very satisfied with this site. Mike Cunningham - 8/23/2016
Good experience with lots of exposure. Frank Kreichgauer - 8/23/2016
Very easy to list. Received several requests more than trying on my own. I am very satisfied with Chopper Exchange! Nancy Smith - 8/23/2016
good exposure, will use again Phillip Coble - 8/23/2016